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FidoCast.com podcast host Bill Bro is a semi-retired professional broadcaster, with a background in non-profit organization management. A life-long friend of animals, Bill has produced public service announcements for the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF.org), founded by the late singer and actress for whom the charity is named, that makes grants to animal shelters across the USA.

Bill recognized the need for greater local awareness of the vital services to animals provided by charities. He recently joined Gulf Coast Humane Society as a hands-on volunteer working with shelter pets, following the death of his family's lovable senior mutt, Mona, who was adopted several years ago from this shelter, and lived a happy, full, life.


The Podcast


FidoCast.com podcasts are intended to provide a forum for the public to share stories about their good experiences with companion animals, including shelter pets.

Here's a sampling of what's in store in upcoming episodes:

  • The story of a German Shepard and his remarkable fondness for postal letter carriers

  • Why was this kitty named for Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, and second wife of King Henry VIII?

  • The unusual story of a 21-year-old Fox Terrier named Tarzan

  • The mysterious winter disappearance of the pup, Sugar, and what was learned the following spring

  • A pet former laboratory rat named Mickey, and the unexpected lesson he taught students

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